Placement of AccoUnts

We make every effort to streamline the process of placing accounts for our clients. With our state of the art collection software, placing accounts with us is simple. Our specialists are versed in the latest in compatibility programming to ensure your accounts are uploaded and forwarded to your account executive as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Accounts can be placed by phone, fax, US mail, email, or directly from our website both individually and as a mass download. Please be sure to include the debtor’s name, address, last known phone number, and any pertinent documentation such as statement of the account, invoice copies, etc.

Prompt placement has been proven to be more economical as it increases the success rate of full recovery of your money. The sooner that you place your accounts for collection, the more likely we are to turn your delinquent receivables into cash

Click here for Placement Form page and downloadable PDF.